3 October 2023

Selling Businesses – Autumn 2023


Spring and Summer turned out nice in the end!  Despite a lot of media noise, the market for business sales proved strong with lots of activity in all sectors.  As we write there is turbulence in the financial markets.  Increase in the cost of power/fuel has led to the inevitable rise in inflation as well as the chain reaction rise in interest rates from what was arguably a very low base.  Counter this with some radical growth/taxation reforms and a very pro-business budget strategy and it will be interesting to see how all this pans out.

From our perspective, it would appear that there is demand across most business sectors to increase their client base through the acquisition of other companies operating within their current sector.  This we think will continue as the year draws to a close as the tax breaks kick it.  It will make sound commercial sense for businesses to continue to grow through acquisition.

Outside of the corporate world it has been really encouraging to see so many transactions within the small business sector.  At Hart & Co we are lucky to be involved in both worlds.  Our expertise covers everything from the sale of sizeable companies to small niche retail, wholesale and service sector.  We have also been involved in the successful sale of many leisure/holiday businesses and this would appear to be an area that seems set to continue to grow.

If you have reached that point where you are considering the sale of your business large or small and feel you may benefit from a frank and open conversation as to how it all works, please feel free to contact us.

We guarantee three things:-

1) honest straightforward advice
2) no pressure
3) All conversations are treated on a strictly confidential basis